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Greatest attainments in life starts with a vision. Success is all about making your vision come to reality. At DISHA IAS, we strongly believe in an ambition to impart quality education both in terms of educational skills and all round personality development. Being a pioneer IAS institute in Dehradun, we have the peculiarity of producing toppers with our quality and efficient teaching practices. We always stand beside those aspirants who have a strong yearning to be part of the most sought-after Civil Services and contribute the best to public.

With our novel & advanced techniques and to the point study material we help our students attain sure-shot success in these competitive exams. Whether the student is a brilliant or a mediocre, our expert faculties are always with them guiding and transforming students to administrators. With our expert guidance through cross-disciplinary approach and high-end educational programs, we help students who are from diverse backgrounds to face not only competitive examinations but also succeed in sculpting successfully their respective career paths.

Know, How DISHA IAS is beneficial to you for IAS Preparation:

  •  We are genuine coaching for IAS only.
  •   Professional and Experienced Faculty for IAS.
  •   As a Coaching, We have 10 years Professional experience of IAS Competition.
  •  Weekly test in proper manner as scheduled for Pre. and Mains.
  •  Qualitative and updated study material based upon revised syllabus
  •  Daily writing practice, which checked by expert to improve your writing skills.
  •  Daily discussion to enhance insight of the topic.
  •  Our provide Dedicated Team to assist you for your IAS preparation on 24 X 7.
  •  Answer–writing skills through regular mock tests with feedback sessions
  • Special focus to aspirants, having no background of the subject.
  • Concept building through facilitative style of teaching.
  • We have scientifically analyzed the IAS and PCS trends for the last 15 years and worked out a coherent strategy on the nature of the preparation to be made.
  • Our experienced faculty has worked out a clear understanding on pattern of setting the questions and how to tackle them.
  • Our experienced faculty has designed the curriculum carefully to directly meet the demands of the examinations. This effectively brings down the workload on the students greatly and allows them to rely on a highly competent and tailor made guidance.
  • We keep updating our course coverage plans to keep pace with the changing trends of the examination.
  • We have lucid lectures evoking student’s interest in the various areas of knowledge and imparting a picture like view of the various themes to be studied.
  • An exhaustive Sectional test is a weekly activity to test the student’s understanding and expression in various areas.
  • Questions from previous year’s CSE and PCS papers are indicated and practiced with each topic. Further an assignment is also given in each set.
  • We also counsel the students on how to present answers effectively and how to create an impression among thousand other competitors.
  • Without making it too overt, we keep grooming our students emotionally to take the challenges posed by this intensely competitive examination with a positive and optimistic state of mind.

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